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UNBS Warns Ugandans Against Imported Beef Products From South Africa

Uganda National Bureau Of Standards as warned Ugandans against consuming processed meat products from South Africa which is currently under threat by a deadly bacterial infection called Listeriosis. And the out-break as far killed 180 people.

Some of the suspected pre-packaged products from south Africa include Read-to-eat Meat products, Deli Meats (polony, salami, ham etc), hot dog, sausages and many others.

This bacteria is contracted through eating contaminated meat products & can transfer from one product to the next in storage.

This bacteria stays & continuously grows in the body for over 6 months leading to a slow painful death.

There is no treatment or vaccine as yet & knowing our country’s state of health care, we stand chances to loose more lives to this outbreak, therefore you are strongly advised to let go of imported meat products from South Africa that go back as long ago as Septum 2017.

South Africa has banned and taken off shelf most products, suspicions are that these products will find their way to less developed nations like Uganda where they shall be sold cheaply instead of going to waste. 

UNBS is carrying out market surveillance inspections in all supermarkets that are said to be main importers of these products to insure that the affected products are removed in the market  

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