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Grace Nakimera Feeds Over A Thousand Kids At Kasaato Orphanage Centre

3 year old battles for an Ice Cream corn, to feed his 1 year old sibling – Feed the Streets

That thousands of kids right in the heart of the capital city of the Pearl of Africa race for morethan 3 kilometers battling just to share a  piece of UgaChick chicken, Ice Cream and 200mls of Riham soda Ain’t something that we should take for granted.

As the teens fought for chicken, 3 year olds were on the other hand battling for a sip of Ice Cream. One most touching moment came forth when a 3 year old boy fought tooth and nail to receive a corn of ice cream and shortly after ran to serve his one year old sibling.

For the kids at Kasaato, their last memories of ever tasting chicken soup is a story for another day and all you see in their faces is hope that’s about to die. From day one of their childhood, the life they lead can only be related to a rough battle between a lion and hare in the jungle.

On Sunday 25th Feed the Streets excited more than a thousand kids at Hosanna, Kasaato orphanage and primary school in Kisenyi suburb, Kampala.

Treated to a delicious chicken meal, Ice Cream, music, and dance, and hosted by Grace Nakimera, for over 7 hours, disadvantaged children at Hosanna orphanage only kept screaming, shouting and pouring tears of joy in thanks for a decent meal that was provided by Grace Nakimera and Feed the Streets Foundation with generous support fromMrs. Mable Kabuye, Mr. Rune Edvardsen and Mr. Aga Sekalala | UgaChick.

Feed the Streets Foundation is an initiative of Grace Nakimera a talented, multi award winning singer. The nonstop drive will move across the country every month providing meals to those most in need.

While speaking to the excited kids at Kasaato, Grace Nakimera noted that “Uganda’s biggest problem is mal-nutrition, if me and you don’t take the initiative to support those most in need, our future doctors, teachers, ministers etc. will die of hunger or the diseases that come forth as a result of poor nutrition.”

Upon sharing a few event photo moments on her official Facebook page, a one SuperTina Aguilera Samora Portal remarked saying “You're such an amazing person Grace, May the almighty bless u million tyms. Love u as usual...... 

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