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Woman Made An Advert On Facebook Looking For a Boyfriend

Long time ago it was shame to find a woman looking for a lover. How would you start to say that am looking for man, seriously it wasn't easy on the side of the ladies. But as generations keeps on changing, things do change now women date men, propose and also some marry them. 

A woman known as Rachel Salisbury from London made an advert on Facebook to find the man of her dreams. She says that was inspired after some of  her friends found true loves through doing the same thing few years ago.

In the Ad she said: 

“OK guys. This is probably the scariest post I’ve ever written but here goes.

“I, Rachel Salisbury, would like a boyfriend.

“I have been inspired to write this because someone I know wrote a post like this a few years ago and is now engaged.”

“In the olden days people did a bit of matchmaking for their friends (as my mum constantly reminds me).

“So here I go — I’m putting myself out there.

“I am an actor and a writer and I work on a box office and I run kids’ parties (phew!)

“I love theatre and films and music and books.

“I love singing and dancing (but not in a musical theatre way) and spending time with friends and my family and laughing and having interesting chats.

“I flatter myself I’m quite funny (RIGHT GUYS?).

“I try very hard to be a good person and am in general day to day in a pretty sunny mood. I’m a vegan and a socialist and a feminist and am very passionate about the above.

“I also love to cook and bake and I love being in nature!

“I am looking for … ideally … a) someone who’s got their s*** together.

“Can’t be doing with flakiness or unreliability b) someone interested/involved in the arts in some way c) someone who’s generous and kind and warm and shiny and positive and happy to be silly and funny and have a great old time.

“If you have any friends and you think me and him would get on, drop me a message!

“I’ve attached some pics of my FACE. ‘KTHANKSBYE *runs and hides in the corner of the room rocking* *awaits tumbleweed* *ripme*

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