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TV Presenter Douglas Lwanga Joins NBS Television

Let's put the rumors to rest people, Douglas Lwanga joins NBS TV. On Tuesday, 6th February, he took to social media to announce his departure from his previous workplace and thank fans for the continuous support. 

He further announced that he was cooking something bigger and better and we must say he never disappoints when it comes to upgrading Ugandan entertainment. Establishing one's own brand sounds easy but truthfully, it's one of those hard things people who want to enjoy in their old life do.

Overtime, we've seen big established names join big brands. It's the need of shared efforts to build each other that propel people to look out for the best. The Purple party CEO started building his career right after university and with all his achievements, the rest is history.

While speaking to Douglas about this new job, this is what he had to say, “NBS has always been family, this is more of a reunion and now is the time to deliver. It’s going to be magical.”

With these constant updates, you've got more than enough reason to start paying more attention to NBS TV; all negativity aside, they know what they're doing, they're aiming to dominate and it's already happening. NBS TV has mastered the art of leading audiences to
follow the brand, but how do they do it?

They spot the opportunity; they always realize gaps in the industry and strive to fill it up with the best, not just mediocre products. They're interesting but also relevant. NBS is a brand to reckon with because they have great shows and presenters. So, it's not just about
being interested but relevant as well. 

Some people are positive while others are bitter but well, pleasing everyone at the same time is a little too much to ask but these here are some of the online reactions and endorsements from his online fans. 

Douglas Lwanga has joined Next Media Services, a holder of 7 strong brands that strive to
be the leading multi-media group in East Africa. 

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