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Travel Don’ts you should leave in year 2017

1. Last minute planning.

Travelling is meant to be fun and even though it’s for business, it should not be hectic. Last minute planning for a trip can be very stressful and ruin your entire travel and therefore that is something to avoid in the New Year. Ensure the hotel is booked in advance and all items to be carried are packed in time to avoid doing it hastily and forgetting important items.

2. Carrying large sums of cash while travelling

Proper budgeting for a trip is key. Carrying large sums of money can lead to over spending and sometimes unfortunately theft. It’s always better to carry enough money to cover your whole trip comfortably than having excess cash.

3. Saying travel is too expensive.

Travelling creates fun memories and experiences. People always complain that travel is expensive which is an attitude that is not necessarily true. Lately a lot of group travel has been encouraged in Uganda for example that subsidizes the cost of travel. Another way to get great travel deals is by looking out for packages. You can check out some amazing ones already up on Jumia Travel.

4.Disrespecting the culture of the destination you have travelled to.

Many people experience a lot of problems by not researching the culture and traditions of the destination they are heading to. As a result this may ruin an entire trip. Common is dress code for example; Middle Eastern countries are conservative and therefore one has to dress conservatively while there so as not to offend anyone.

5. Travelling without proper legal documents.

One should always ensure all legal travel documents are prepared on time. Make sure you have your passport close by, National I.D and Driver’s license if you plan to rent a car while in a foreign country.

Let’s get travelling.

Cynthia Tumwine.

The writer is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel Uganda

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