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Relationship: 5 Reasons Why Men Are Scared Of Marriage

Most women have a tough time figuring out why are men afraid of getting married because they risk their lives serving in combat, fighting fires, and performing dangerous stunts, but when she starts talking about weddings and babies and they freak out which results in arguments and may be a breakup. 

Do you think Men don’t want to commit because they're not built to stay with one woman Or men won't marry because they would rather spend their lives running round sleeping with as many women as they can.

So today we want to address some of the man‘s internal fears, in a bid to help ladies successfully speed up the marital process.

1. Loss Of Independence

Being married means tagging along with a lady who will influence a lot of decisions of his life. He worries he will have to take her opinion about everything right from the colour of the curtains to the ice cream flavour to be ordered for the family. Most men do understand that checking stuff with the missus is good courtesy, and equally logical. But some men don’t seem to like that while some adjust after marriage; and if they’re pushed into it, with this mindset, you’d only end up with sad love stories from grumpy guys.

2. Some are afraid of boredom in marriage

Almost all men love and live to play. The moment they aren’t convinced that marrying a person will be fun, they are likely to put it off indefinitely. This is why no matter how serious a lady is, to get the man to want to marry her, she must in some way project to her man that the marriage will usher them into a world of fun. The moment he has this assurance; he is most likely to cooperate.

3. Rejection

Fear of rejection is not specific to men, of course, but let’s face it, men are more frequently the initiators when it comes to dating, marriage proposals, and sex, and we therefore face rejection more often when women refuse our advances. You’d think since we do most of the asking we’d have a thick skin when it comes to rejection, but it’s just the opposite. No matter how much courage we’ve summoned, how firmly we’ve convinced ourselves we don’t care about the outcome, and how much healthy self-esteem we possess, hearing no hurts deeply on the inside. A graceful no hurts a great deal less, while cruel, dismissive, ungrateful rejection drives a knife through the male psyche.

4. Weddings Are Expensive

Weddings are pricey and most guys are afraid of letting you down or not meeting your expectations. You only have to look at the wedding planning industry to know that! Even just hiring someone who knows what they’re doing can set you back $1k or more.

5. Responsibility

Some men are concerned about increased expenses due to an additional person joining the household and that is something a boyfriend wont have to deal with. Also, most men have concerns about taking instructions and advice from another person about the way they should spend their money. It adds to the ‘what if I’m not enough’ mindset. Overall, this causes them to develop a certain unease about marriage.

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