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Interesting Ways To Involve Kids In The Kitchen

We all know how important it is to play with our kids, and we all know how important it is to eat healthy. But Keeping them busy in the kitchen is one creative way to keep an eye on the ‘monsters’ while you go about your activities in the kitchen.

This strategy is educative as cooking becomes part of the kids while they grow and also allows you to spend quality time with them. In our part of the world, we did not get it this way and this is the reason most guys cannot cook.

Here are some of the fun and creative ways to involve kids in the kitchen beyond just stirring.

1. Help write grocery list.

Kids are excellent inventory keepers, writing grocery list is the easiest task you can assign to them.

2. Wash fruits and vegetables.

Naturally, children just love to play with water so why not give them the opportunity of a lifetime to do what they do best?

3. Set the table

This can be fun and educative at the same time. Obviously, it teaches kids how to set tables and also develop their counting abilities. You can even make up a song for setting up the table. Cool right?

4. Measure ingredients

Food ingredients are taken in the right proportions. Tell the kid how much is needed and save yourself the stress. They’ll enjoy doing this and you’ll be surprised.

5. Load and unload the dishwasher

The least kids can do in the kitchen is help with the dishes.

6. Sort out ingredients

You wouldn’t mix all the bad ingredients with the good ones to cook. If the little one is around, he/she can help sort out all the bad ones from the good.

7. Readout recipes

Another fun way to engage kids in the kitchen is to let them read the recipe book. Teach them the process as they read. This improves their reading skills.

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