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18 Year Old Italian Student Is Auctioning Her Virginity To Study In UK And Buy Parents a House

A teenager is auctioning off her virginity in a bid to pay for her business studies at Cambridge University. She also hopes to move to the UK with her family and buy her parents a home and help her sister.

Meet Nicole the 18-year-old Italian student who  is auctioning off her virginity online to fund studying in the UK and buy her parents a house and claims bidding has started at £890,000. 

The teenager said she realised when she was 16 her virginity was "precious" and decided to auction it off when she turned 18. She reportedly discovered auction adverts where girls had "sold themselves" for more than £3m which inspired her to put herself forward.

The young lady told The Sun: 'I decided when I was 16 that my virginity was precious.

'I was in a relationship with a man much older than me, but I decided I would only lose my virginity to the man I love and the man I want to marry in the future. 

'I wanted a good education so I started looking on the web for ways to finance my studies and I came across a series of auction adverts and found there were girls who had sold themselves for £3.1 million so I decided I would do the same when I turned 18.'

The part-time model is said to have listed her virginity for auction on the Elite Models VIP website .

On her profile page, which appears to confirm the bid, a short description reads: "This 18 year old student and model is a checked up virgin escort girl.

"She could not find her love before and she wants to get funds for her university studies, buying a house, help her family and travel the world.

"That's why Nicole decided to sell her virginity at Elite Models VIP. She prefers not to name her base city, so she can stay anonymous, Nicole is available to meet in Europe only.

"You can contact us to send us a serious binding offer or to solve any questions you may have. The final buyer can check her virginity again from a doctor of his trust."

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