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Your vagina SHOULD smell: If your man doesn't like it DUMP him, Leading gynecologist Says

A Canadian gynecologist, Dr Jen Gunter who is also a prominent critic of Gwyneth Paltrow's controversial Goop website has urged other women to break up with any partners who criticise their vaginas commenting on recent reports that women have been using Vicks VapoRub to cleanse their vaginas.

She revealed she once dumped a boyfriend for this and urged that women should not to feel ashamed because they may end up buying harmful products that create artificial odors.

Writing in her latest blog newsletter, she wrote: 'I once dated a guy who insinuated my vagina did not smell right. He was an a** in other ways too. For example, he thought my hair would be better if it were straight. Sadly I took the bait, it wasn't. 

'He thought I would look better if I dressed a certain way. Again I took the bait. I just felt worse. 

'When it came around to telling me how my vagina could be better it finally clicked that this is a form of control that men often use. 

'Fortunately, I am an appropriately confident vagina expert and I had a light bulb moment and dumped his sorry a**.

Dr Gunter went on to urge women to not fall into the same trap.

She said: 'I realize this may border on TMI [too much information], but honestly if it happened to me I bet it has happened to other women. 

'The continued proliferation of the what will they insert next, the products on drugstore shelves, and the interest in these posts tells me that  I'm probably right.

'If you think you have a medical condition,  see a doctor. If your partner insinuates that an artificial smell is preferable to the smell of a normal vagina they are the one who has an issue. 

'Telling women how they can be better is a classic way of  tapping into body image issues and honestly in my personal opinion it is  a form of abuse.' 

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