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Importances Of Itel P51 OTG CABLE.

Well you might be there wondering what's the OTG CABLE ?

The OTG stands for " On The Go " & the good news is that " Itel P51" comes with this cable which you can use in the following ways to transfer files from your smartphone.

1. Charging

Well with the OTG USB you can charge your smartphone from another smartphone which is fully charged in case yours runs out battery.

2. Video Games

If you are fan of video game , the OTG USB will help you to connect on the game controller ( Pads ) from your smartphone

3. Connecting smartphone to a camera

You can as well use the OTG USB cable to your camera & access / transfer  the images , videos stored on it .

4. Connecting a portable external Hard drive/ flash  to your smartphone

You can connect an external drive / flash disk to your smartphone using this OTG USB cable  & transfer files

What do you say?

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