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8 Signs That The Man You’re Dating Is Not Husband Material

So you’re at a point in your life where you’re probably ready to tie the knot and start a family. Maybe you feel like you’re getting old or maybe you’ve been too many times a bridesmaid and never a bride. Maybe you’re tired of seeing all of your closest friends and colleagues tie the knot while you wait for your time. There’s only one problem – you might be in the right state of mind, but you’re not quite sure if you’ve got the right partner. This is a pretty big problem to have! I mean, this is the person you’re marrying and it takes two to make a marriage work.

So before taking the next step, you might want to examine your relationship and consider some important things about whether or not he’s really husband material. For example, is he really someone you can see yourself living with and sharing responsibilities with for the rest of your life? Can you see him fathering your future children and being a part of your family, and vice versa? To better help you, here are fifteen signs that he might not be husband material.

Here are signs that the man you’re with is not a husband material:

1. He doesn’t take care of you and your needs.

It doesn’t mean he becomes your sponsor but a man should feel the need to protect and provide for you in whatever capacity. You should never feel alone if you have a real husband material.

2. Your friends and family don’t like him.

This is such a big sign, if your friends and family don’t like him then chances are he has proven to be the biggest douche of all times.

3. You have caught him in lies a few times.

Unless you want to be married someone who keeps you in paranoia and suspense then don’t hold your breath for this guy.

4. You two don’t share the same beliefs or values.

A value and belief system can split you apart. When you get someone who doesn’t believe in God, for example, you will struggle most of the time or compromise your own beliefs. I mean what do you do when you get kids?

5. He doesn’t like being confronted with serious issues.

If he avoids serious conversations then surely why are you even together? He clearly doesn’t take you seriously and that is not someone that you can confide in.

6. He is overly confident in himself so he always treats you like you’ll be there forever.

These egotistical pricks that act like you’re already married need to remember he still needs to work on keeping you. If he doesn’t do this, imagine when you’re married?

7. He goes out too much and can’t imagine chilling.

Men always tell women that they can’t be wifed since they go out too much. Well, this applies to men as well, if a man goes out too much you’re more likely to spend most weekends alone while he is busy gallivanting.

8. He shows no sign of real commitment.

He just wants to keep you there for his own convenience and nothing more. He acts like a kid and you accommodate his game. This is not a husband material in any way.

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