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7 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry, Number 4 will shock you

Choosing a life partner isn't something to joke with and marrying the right person is essential. We all know that nobody is perfect, but choosing the wrong guy to marry may affect the relationship and rains your life.

You know there are these lucky guys who, on the surface of things, look cool. They’re funny, sweet and attractive – but they are not the type you should marry. Because we care about you, in this article we have decided to share the types of men you should never marry. Look clearly, you never know yours might be in the list below.

1. The abusive 

You should never marry a man who is physically or emotionally abusive. He will abuse you even on small matters.

2. The liar

Does he lie about little things? Most men who lie are lying to enhance themselves than women are. But consistent lying even about minor matters can unglue your marriage. If you can’t believe every word he says, then don’t marry him.

3. The Flirt

A man who constantly flirts with everything in a skirt and never respects you will cheat on you if you tend to you marry him.

4. The mummy's boy

There's nothing wrong with a man being close to his mum. But some guys are too under the thumb of their dominant mothers and constantly tells her all your business. So if you marry him, you’re marrying his mother too.

5. Mr no ambitions

Some guys never seem to figure out what it is they want from life. He doesn't have a job, spends time at home playing game. "Am thinking about my next move", After a while, he is still thinking. It better to move away from such a guy and find someone and find someone with future.

6. The extravagant spender 

Financial responsibility is important. But if he is the guy who is not concerned about saving and investing but spends on clubbing and dressing outfit designs, he is not the true guy.  

7. The insecure man

Trust is very important fact in the relationship and if he is that guy who always gets jealous of your friends and always suspicious of every single person that comes close to you, then think twice about being in a lifetime partnership with him.

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