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10 Before & After Images Reveal How I Turn My Ordinary Photos Into Fantasy Worlds

I have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 23 years. My first version was 3.0 and it has been definitely a  ride to see the software to develop into this current stage. Me being both photographer and retoucher I definitely use my long experience doing different advertisements and graphic designing in my past work history to form my current work to the pieces of art I want. Anything is possible!

Here is a brief selection of images where you see the main photograph behind the images and then the final image. I have been using a motto “imagine anything” to describe my work since I’m able to create pretty much anything I see in my mind or whatever I need to create.

Photography is always the starting point so I feel that I'm definitely also a  photographer, but then the retoucher kicks in and I'm able to turn those images then into something else.

So thank you Adobe for putting out this wonderful piece of software called  Photoshop into my path. The story continues with new versions of  Photoshop.

 By Antti Karppinen  

1. Last Clean Air On Earth

2. Sherlock Couple

3.12 Ac Cobra

4. Endless

5. Tank Girl

6. Robot Geisha


7. Stormy Relationship

8. Black Light Discipline

9. Avatar

10. Burning Man 

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