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These Are The Reasons why people cheat

Cheating is one of the biggest challenges in the relationship, cheating proves you don't truly love your partner. The worst part of cheating after catching cheating and your partner end up forgiving you, the relationship will never be the same because you have betrayed the trust your lover has on you.

1.  Lack of attention and intimacy:
How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere else? Some can go for only days or weeks, and others can go for years. However, in general, women need and desire intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention.

2. They Don’t Respect You
If a man or a woman is going to cheat on you and ruin the relationship, it’s pretty obvious that they don’t respect you.

3. Settling down into a relationship too soon has nothing to do with age.                               Some people simply make the mistake of agreeing to be in an exclusive relationship before they’re actually ready to be committed to one person.When someone enters a relationship before they’re mentally and emotionally ready to do so, it can cause major problems over time. Eventually, a breakdown will occur, and cheating will be a definite possibility.

4. Emotional intimacy is a huge factor in keeping a relationship strong and alive.                   Bonding emotionally is something that takes time, but once that bond is formed, it’s very difficult to break. Without emotional intimacy, you and your partner are similar to strangers just passing each other on the street. 

If one partner is withholding the emotional intimacy, it could cause the other partner to look for that emotional stability elsewhere. Cheating is not always about physical gratification. Emotional cheating also occurs when someone feels their relationship is lacking, so they seek that emotional comfort from someone else.

5. Bad Sex:

Women need to feel desired and experience REAL orgasms during sex. If women are getting bad sex, not enough sex, non-emotional sex, or sex, you may eventually lose interest in the relationship and look elsewhere for GOOD sex! This creates a temptation to seek sexual or emotional satisfaction elsewhere.

6. Feeling neglected, ignored, unappreciated
The sixth reason why women cheat is the feeling of being neglected and unappreciated. When you ignore your woman’s needs especially the emotional and intimate wants, her moods towards you will change drastically more than they do when her estrogens and progesterone levels fluctuate on every ovulation.

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