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Want to start a business in Kampala, Here is 25 small Profitable businesses you can invest in

Kampala is one of the cities in Uganda with many business opportunities, especially for small entrepreneurs.

Kampala is one of the cities in Uganda with many business opportunities, especially for small entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of  small business ideas you can start with in Kampala

  1. Online marketing (Social  Media Marketing)
  2. Computer/Mobile phone repair
  3. Selling second-hand clothes
  4. Restaurant 
  5. Blogging
  6. Poultry farming
  7. Photography and Video Coverage 
  8. Computer Training School
  9. Mobile Phone Sales 
  10. Hairdressing salon
  11. Electronics shop
  12. Berber shop
  13. Banana farming
  14. Livestock rearing
  15. Property Consultants
  16. Bodaboda business
  17. Used Car Sales
  18. Selling scrap metals
  19. Tailoring business
  20. Car servicing and washing 
  21. Boutique business
  22. Butchery
  23. Brick making
  24. Shoe shining
  25. Waste Management Service

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