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Wala digital banking platform launched Uganda

Wala is a digital banking platform is launching on Android to make banking free for everyone in Africa and completely change the way consumer’s access, engage with, and use financial products and services

Wala is a digital  banking platform is launching on Android to make banking  free for  everyone in Africa and completely change the way consumer’s  access,  engage with, and use financial products and services

Tricia Martinez, Wala’s Co-founder and CEO
Wala was inspired by Tricia Martinez’s work in Kitgum, Uganda where she had  launched a mobile cash transfer  solution for subsistence farmers in one  of the most underserved areas  of the country.”We were doing some really incredible and impactful work,  but I was  conflicted. The women we were providing cash transfers to  would receive  mobile payments, go to an agent and pay a fee to cash  out, and then  place that money in cash boxes in their huts. They had no  safe place to  guard it, to grow it, or create more value from it,” she  said.

According to Martinez, whether  a subsistence farmer living in rural  Uganda or an Uber driver in  Johanessburg, South Africa the problems  remain the same- financial  services are extremely costly and generally  inaccessible due to reasons  of inefficiency and distribution. Martinez  adds that it was her time  in Uganda that made her realize banking was  the problem, but also the  answer. And from there, Wala was born!

The problem with banking for most consumers in Africa is that it costs  money to deposit, to withdrawal, to hold money, to send money, to pay  bills, etc. Literally any action you take has a fee associated with it.  With Wala, you have ZERO FEES. We believe that in order for people to  get on the path towards financial stability they need access to  affordable products. The day you download the Wala app and sign up for a  Wala account there will be zero fees, free p2p payments, and eventually  access to low cost micro-insurance, below market rate loans and  international payments, and even a way to transact directly with  merchants. She said.


Wala is not a financial institution, rather work in partnership with banks  and other financial services providers to offer free or below market  rate products. The Wala platform sits in between banks and customers  eliminating many costs thereby creating a more efficient system for  everyone. At the end of the day, our number one priority is protecting  our customers and ensuring they get zero-fee banking and cheaper  financial products. 

How does it work

Customers will download the Wala Android app, sign up for a bank account  via the app, go through a banking KYC (Know Your Customer) process  where we ask for proof of residence, ID cards, and a picture of you.  Once  you are approved for a bank account you can manage your money from  the app, deposit or withdrawal at our bank partner ATMs and agents and  send payments to friends and family for free!

Why should use Wala digital banking over other services 

It’s simple and  provides ZERO-FEE BANKING.  If you use mobile payments with a telecom provider it is likely that  you will incur fees to send money, receive money, hold money, withdrawal  money, etc. But with Wala, we cover all fees for you and make the  experience convenient so that you don’t have to deal with the additional  financial stress.   

If  you are interested in being one of the first few hundred users for   zero-fee banking in Uganda send us an email at or   register at

For  more  information visit

Wala facebook Page 

Wala Savings Group 

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